Monday, 29 August 2016

Culotte Lovin' - A Transitional Look

So here we are, right now, cemented in between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. All of us fashionistas and shoppers alike are wondering should we continue to wear and purchase summer trends or shall we start stocking up on our winter woolies? And the biggest question of all is... how does one make that wardrobe transition from Summer to Autumn?!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Many Faces of Fashion

With fashion week coming up I wanted to talk about fashion as a whole, as an industry. So what does 'fashion' mean today?


Friday, 12 August 2016

August Wishlist

Ah August, the month where summer is slowly but surely wrapping up and Autumn is knocking at your door. The month where you realise an endless summer is never going to happen, well maybe in Sydney but definitely not in Dublin. We might be able to squeeze one or two more wears of our gladiator sandals in, but after that it'll be time to lock them up for the next 6 months. Although I might be able to wear sandals once or twice more, I've ruled out buying anymore because the realisation that summer is ending has well and truly set in. Probably due to the fact that its pouring rain outside as I sit here writing this post. Any who, this month I am lusting over practical outfits for going back to college and items that will last me right through the months of Autumn. My wardrobe is packed to the brim with crop tops and sun dresses. It is lacking serious layering ability, so it's time to stock up.

Shop the items that are on the top of my wishlist below.

Trousers | Skirt


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Denim Daze

Today on Style Speaks Louder than fashion I will be sharing another personal style post, shot by, the gorgeous Shannon Daly.

One can never go wrong with an all denim look. It's a classic. Whether it's ripped denim, acid wash denim or vintage denim - it's fail proof. This dress, with it's patchwork detailing and frayed hems is the perfect kind of summer dress, for me. It can be dressed up with accessories for festivals and dressed down for the day time.

For this particular look I paired the dress with all white Adidas Superstars and kept the jewellry to a minimum, for a clean and simple look for day time wear. And of course, whats an outfit without a pair of sunglasses, right? The dress is the star of this show, therefore I didn't  pair it with anything that would take the look away from it.

Shop the look here.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Top 5 Favourite Fashion Blogs

Reading fashion blogs takes up about 90% of my life, they are my main source of fashion inspo. I could spend all day scrolling through Blog Lovin' reading one fashion article after another. I, myself prefer to read blogs rather than magazines as I feel they are more genuine. So, here is a list of my favourite fashion blogs at the moment.

No this is not a blog about repelling men. It is a humorous blog for serious fashion, talking about the trends that women love and men hate. This might just be my favourite blog of all time as it celebrates all of the things I love, fashion, humour and female empowerment.

Retro Flame is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by Erika Fox. It is a compact diary of Erika's style, work and travels. What I love about Erika is her work ethic and motivation that is just infectious. She is constantly motivating her fan base to set goals and work hard but also promotes not being too hard on yourself. She is the ultimate #GirlBoss in my eyes.

The Business of Fashion is an absolute must read for fashion enthusiasts and professionals. It offers business-savvy content such as the stocks and sales of major fashion houses. When trying to pursue a career in the fashion industry, like myself, this is the perfect website to source the all important information.

Inthefrow is written by London based Victoria Magrath. It offers a mixture of high-street and designer fashion posts along with beauty, travel and lifestyle. Inthefrow is now a well established brand and as a newbie blogger I feel like I can learn a lot from Victoria. She has written many posts which offer tips on how to improve your blogging.

And last but most definately not least, Opsh The Magazine is where content and shopping are linked. What I love about this website is that it offers endless fashion inspo but also gives you the option to purchase the items straight away, aaannnddd there is always a discount on offer. So it's a win/win situation.

I read each of these websites almost everyday to help me keep up to date with the fashion industry, the latest trends, and just for some good ol' reading material. I hope you are able to draw some inspiration from these websites aswell or just enjoy reading them too.

Torey x


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

An Embroidered Denim & Off the Shoulder Look

Today I will be writing about something a little different here on Style Speaks Louder than Fashion. I usually lean towards writing some more fashion informative and article type posts. But today I've decided to add a little personalization to the blog and share the details of my personal style.
So a couple of days ago my photographer, Shannon, and I headed to Dun Laoghaire for the afternoon to shoot some looks. It was my first time ever stepping infront of the lens so I was a little nervous as you can imagine. But all in all it was a good experience for both Shannon and myself and we got some great pictures at the end of the day. If you would like to check out more of Shannon's work you can find her website here.
This look has been my go-to for the summer. It is the perfect mix of light and warm clothing to suit the ever changing Dublin weather. The dungaree's have quite a tight fitting on the legs, and as you already know wearing tight clothing in the sun keeps you pretty warm. So to create a balance of clothing to keep me warm enough, but not too cold I paired the dungarees with a light and breezy cold-shoulder top.
The embroidered denim trend has been my favourite of the summer, and thanks to Gucci's Fall 2016 collection the trend will continue right through to the next season. Pair the dungarees with a velvet, bell-sleeve shirt and voila! You are already on-trend for Fall 2016.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did creating it. There will be alot more personal style posts coming to Style Speaks Louder than Fashion soon, so watch this space! Click on the links below to shop the look. Both the rings and sunglasses are from Primark - who do not have an online website, so I have linked similar items. Also unfortunately H&M are only stocking the white version of the earrings I am wearing in the pictures above.
Dungarees | Top | Earrings | Sunglasses (similar) | Shoes | Rings (similar)

Torey x
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