Saturday, 18 June 2016

Festival Outfit #Inspo for Colder Weather

Year in and year out Coachella sets the tone for festival fashion. Yet not all festivals are held in the sunshine state that is California - where there is a complete lack of mud and rain btw. So why is it that we feel the need to dress as if we are headed to the warm and sunny Coachella rather than the wet and muddy festivals of the UK and Ireland.

I, myself have been to two festivals so far this year. Life Festival held in Belevedere House Park and Gardens, Mullingar and Parklife held in Heaton Park, Manchester. Both of which I packed for like I was off to Coachella.

Luckily, for Life Festival the weather was gorgeous so I got away with packing short shorts and crop tops. But my luck didn't last for long. At Parklife, it rained the whole god damn time. I hadn't even packed a pair of wellies!! So there I was dancing around Heaton Park in a tiny crochet dress and little studded boots like a drowned rat, covered in mud. Although I can say that it didn't effect the time I had, because it was still incredible, I do wish I had of been a little smarter about what I was packing.

So as were are in the midst of full blown festival madness right now, where it feels like nearly every weekend is filled with some sort of outdoor music event, I have decided to put together four festival-worthy looks that won't let you freeze to death.

For look number one, keep it clean and simple like Alexa Chung. A Monochrome themed look with some grunge vibes can never go wrong at a festival.

For look number two, it's all about the wild wild west. Think cowboys and Indians when dressing up. Matching embroidered garments with some fringing and you've got the look nailed. 

For look number three were sticking with our Coachella-inspired sunshine-worthy outfit but throwing a pair of tights underneath to keep warm. 


Still want to wear that playsuit but not feeling the tights? For look number four, match your playsuit with a pair of thigh-high boots rather than tights. They are the ultimate fashion accessory for keeping those legs warm. 

Naturally when going to festivals we all hope for good weather, but unfortunately we don't always get it. So get a little smarter when packing for festivals. Your festival wardrobe should be a survival kit to make your experience easier, not harder. 


Friday, 3 June 2016

My Internship with Opsh - and a little sneak peak at the office!

Internships are incredibly important. They give your inexperienced-self a taste of what the real world is like. They help you figure out the career path you would like to take and what kind of environment you would like to work in. Basically giving you the opportunity to 'test drive' the career you have chosen before actually throwing yourself into it. 

I interned at Opsh every Thursday for three months. Opsh is the solution we've all been waiting for. They've changed the way women shop online with their simple, fast and hassle-free website. You can shop across entire ranges from all your favourite well-known, high-street brands. You can compare prices, styles and even buy an entire outfit from multiple brands in just a few, simple clicks. 

The site was built by three lovely ladies from Kildare, Ireland. Jennie, Sarah and Grace. They have been working together for over six years - first as fashion bloggers, now as cofounders.

Throughout my time at Opsh I took on many tasks, but the task I always loved doing and got praised for doing was writing articles for the Opsh magazine. Through writing articles and actually finding a passion for doing it, I realised I would love to peruse a career in fashion journalism - something I would never have discovered if I hadn't done the internship. 

I always knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry but I was never sure of where in the industry I would like to work. Before starting the internship with Opsh I had my sights set on a career in fashion marketing or PR. But doing an internship opens your eyes to the many different career options an industry has to offer. So while 'test driving' the marketing/PR career - even though I did enjoy doing it - I came to find I just didn't have a passion for it. And luckily enough for me rather than leaving the internship with no passions for any careers options I found my calling in journalism.

There are many interns in the Opsh office, each usually assigned to a mentor. My mentor was Justine King, Creative Manager at Opsh. Justine is also a freelance fashion stylist and writer who has been featured in many publications, worked at New York Fashion Week, and also worked for New York based Stylist Mel Ottenburg for clients such as Rihanna!! It was an honour working under Justine, the lessons learned and experiences gained from her are ones I will always treasure. 

So every Thursday for the last three months I made my way to Leeson St and spent my day at Opsh HQ. Each day in the office was different whether it was curating style-lists on the site such as Holiday or Wedding, writing an article for the Opsh magazine, updating social media posts, setting up venues for events, attending events like the Essie Wedding Collection Launch, or redecorating the interiors for an office party, it was all an unforgettable and cherish-able experience which will benefit me for years to come. 

On a final note I would just like to thank everyone at Opsh HQ for helping me get that little bit closer to my dreams, you guys are one in a million. 

Much love (and sass),

Torey x
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