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What Influences Fashion?

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What you are wearing today has been influenced by many different factors, weather you know it or not. For example in this era, it is more common to see a woman in trousers than it is a skirt. But throwin' it back to the 1920's, a woman wearing trousers was outrageous! The 'rebel' behaviour used through women liberation affected today's fashion, as women wearing trousers has now become mainstream. This is an example of a social influence. There are many other influences on fashion such as, history, technology, environment and culture.

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Friends and peers affect the influence of fashion on people themselves as people tend to gravitate towards like-minded people. For example two girls who are best friends usually have similar style. Demographics affects the influence of fashion as people who live in the city tend are more up to date with the trends than people who live in the country, this may be because city people are always observing shop windows and street style meanwhile country people have to travel to observe this. Fashion is also influenced by social classes and hierarchies as it is thought that people of the upper classes should wear smart clothing like suits and dresses while people of the working/lower class are thought to wear casual clothes. James Dean showed rebel behaviour to this idea of what you should wear depending what social class you are in, as he was of the upper class but wore simple, casual clothes like a white t-shirt and jeans. 

The women of Britain were not going to allow World War Two to prevent them   looking stylish. A new exhibition highlights their fight to stay chic:


There is always a use of repetition when it comes to trends. Designers research what has worked in the past and produce the trend again in a contemporary way. By doing this designers know that giving an old trend a modern twist will make consumers feel like they are buying something new and fresh even though this trend has been repeated. The repetitiveness of a trend is a safe way for designers to determine a good reaction for their collection. Political and social changes in a country can affect the way people dress. During WWII men left jobs behind as they went to fight for their country and it was up to the women to fill their shoes. Skirts became shorter and tighter in order for freer movement. Technological advances improved the way clothes were being made, women used to have to spin their own wool and knit their own jumpers before technological advances were made. 

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Media is a major factor of the technological world that influences fashion. Thanks to social media and blogging sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest the fashion industry is seeing a significant change in its inspiration for design and trends. These platforms can be used as a means of networking and connecting with the consumer, these platforms also help business in the fashion industry construct an online existence. But social media can also influence designers in unique ways that are changing the way designers generate their fashions. Designers and fashion influencers find inspiration for their designs and creations in vast places like recent visits to fashion capitals of the world, but the internet and social media sites have created a totally contemporary approach that is getting both an applause and criticism from the fashion society.

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Although the fashion world seems glamorous and exciting it is well known that every customer product has an impact on the environment. Fabrics such as polyester, lycra and nylon are hard to recycle and with seasons and trends forever changing we throw away fashions quite often rather than reusing them. Fashion players such as Marks & Spencer’s and H&M take this into consideration and use organic cotton within their designs in order to become a more ethical company and fabricate a good name for their businesses when considering the environment. Stella McCarthy uses ethically manufactured fabrics and promotes her business in a vegetarian way in order to achieve a good reputation when considering the environment also. The impact fashion products have on the environment influence the way in which designers and producers decide to manufacture their products. 

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Designers gather inspiration from many sources. One source being travel, visiting the worlds fashion capitals provide vast inspiration for designers, also exposing themselves other cultures and not just the fashion capitals will provide a wide range of inspiration which can then be interpreted in their designs. The low end of society is inspired by the high end and vice versa. People generate ideas from the bottom up, designers are inspired by the people of the streets who produce what we as society like to call ‘street style’. Celebrities, pop culture, and other platforms of art and design are all factors which contribute to culture which then influences the people of fashion. Pop god Lady GaGa had a major influence on the fashion industry with her extravagant outfits and ‘odd’ choices of fashion. Designers take concepts from influencers like Lady GaGa and feed them back out to the people.  

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