Friday, 13 November 2015

Tips from Fashion Experts on How to Break the Industry

Here are a number of tips on how to make it in the glamorous and exciting fashion industry, from experts such as Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour, Jillian Davison, Chanel Iman etc. I myself am hopeful of breaking into the fashion industry. Most of these tips I pulled from The Teen Vogue Hand-Book, which is a great read and I would recommend to anyone who is hoping to break through to the fashion industry.


"Get your stuff out there! When I created my first line of sweaters, my pals wore them all around town. Photos of the knits ended up in the newspaper, which generated buzz about my designs"
- Marc Jacobs, Designer.

"Hone your basic skills. You have to be able to sketch. The two important things for a designer are carrying an idea and being able to translate the idea."
Kate Mulleavy one of the two designers behind the label Rodarte.

"Learn the ins and outs of the industry; When I was starting out, I went on every morning. If you know who's growing and who's launching, you can find where the opportunities are."
- Alexander Wang, Designer.


"The truth is, when you're an intern or assistant, your job is to make editors' lives easier. If you prove yourself by doing a good job of that, it can inspire them to put their faith on you and give you more responsibility."
- Amy Astley, Founding Editor of Teen Vogue.

"With each job you have, you'll learn a skill to use for your next job. Every experience in your life goes on to shape who you are. Nothing is wasted."
- Natalie Massenet, Creator of

"Do your homework, go online, visit every museum, and intern. You just need to have a love for what you're doing. It's not about thinking that it's the cool thing; it's about really believing in it."
- Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief at American Vogue.


"Make things happen for yourself, if you live in Idaho but dream of interning in New York, do your homework. Maybe you have a family member who has a friend whose son knows someone."
- Andrea Lieberman, Stylist.

"Surround yourself with creative, like-minded people. As a fashion assistant in London, I made friends with young photographers and designers and spent my evenings and weekends styling ad hoc shoots with them."
- Camilla Nickerson, Stylist.

"A good stylist thinks of the big picture. It's almost like producing a movie, casting, hair, makeup, location - all these ingredients are essential to bring the clothes and accessories to life."
- Elissa Santisi, Stylist.


"Study Modelling cycles. Each period has a look, from the glamazon eighties to what's going on today. It's important to be able to 'recognize' a model."
- Lara Bonomo, Model Scout.

"A diva attitude could cost you jobs. People whom I clicked with on set often booked me again for future magazine shoots and as campaigns, which helped my career take off."
- Caroline Trentint, Model.

"Practice makes perfect - picture perfect! All models have to know their poses, because everybody has bad angles, no matter how beautiful you are. Spend time in front of the mirror to see what looks best."
- Chanel Iman, Model.


"Take pictures all the time. Don't worry if you take a bad photograph; You'll learn more by taking a bad picture than a good one. If you don't like it, study it and figure out why you don't like it. You'll learn from your mistake."
- Patrick Demarcheilier, Fashion Photographer.

"If you want to be a photographer never give up! Also be open to other job possibilities, as we never know what life has in store for us."
Mario Testino, Fashion Photographer.

 "When your starting out, you're not able to work with the best models or hair and makeup people, so you need to invent those people among your friends. Which of your friends loves hair, makeup or playing dress-up?"
- Arthur Elgort, Fashion Photographer.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Balmain x H&M Revealed!!

balmain-hm-designer-collaboration-002.jpg (960×640):

So the highly anticipated Balmain x H&M collection has been revealed and it is to die for! But while the collection isn't due to go on sale in stores until next month - one might think how these top seceret images have surfaced the Internet?! Well the answer is they were posted onto a Instagram account which is by the way not owned by the designer, Oliver Rousteing, but instead owned by Kathryn Swartz Rees, a writer/editor based is Chicago. Although it seems bizzare that Swartz would have access these top secret images, apparently it's legitimate according to New York Magazine. The magazine got in contact with Swartz and she confirmed the photos are the real deal!

"The images are the vast majority of the collection. There are some additional colorways—bandeau top in white and ring in clear for example—not pictured. The real story is terribly unexciting: H&M's site was indexed by Google and I happened to search at the right time using the right parameters. All images were taken from that H&M URL. No surprise, that site is no longer live. A good note to web dev teams working on super hot designer collabs: stay in your sandbox!"

The following images are my favourite pieces from the semi-revealed collection. To see the rest of the collection go follow Swartz on her Instagram @kswartz83.

It's no wonder this collection was highly anticipated, it's just as luxurious as the original Balmain brand, but better yet affordable! 


Friday, 18 September 2015

Fresh Talent Design Exhibition

On Monday my classmates and I headed to the Fresh Talent Design Exhibition. This was a field trip for our appreciation of art, craft and design class. The exhibition was held in Dublin Castle's coach house, which was originally constructed in 1833 for the Lord Lieutenant's own coach and horses, but is now used as a gallery and exhibition space. Fresh Talent is an exhibition which shines a light on emerging Irish designers, of which aren't even three years graduated from college. Some of the pieces displayed were the designers graduate year projects! The work featured in ranged from fashion designers to graphic designers and even to model makers. Although each designer was brilliant in their own way my interest was keyed into the fashion designers.

My favourite designer of the day would have to had been Rebecca Marsden. The pieces she produced were just beautiful. Rebecca focused her work on the idea of fabric manipulation and drew inspiration from her surroundings. Rebecca grew up by the sea and as we can see from her pieces the sea had influenced the colour. Through the use of fabric manipulation Rebecca was able to create an almost side of cliff like looking garment, which again she would have drawn inspiration for this from her surroundings, wherever they may be. The last three years have been quite successful for Rebecca as she's had her work retailed in Brown Thomas as part of there 'Create' project.

Another fashion designer who had their work exhibited was Richard Malone. His collection is very eye-catching, especially the hats. He drew inspiration for his collection from his observation of working class Ireland during the recession, while the hats are a playful tribute to the leprechaun. To make this collection Richard used unwanted fabrics from Louis Vuitton and unwanted masonry paint. The unwanted paint being a reminder of the collapse of the Irish construction industry where his own father, a decorator, lost his job.

The final fashion designer displayed at the exhibition was Sinead Kennedy. Her pieces were more focused on the concept of the piece rather than the look. Her work was all about body image and as we all know in the age of the selfie many young women and men have a negative sense about their own body image. Sinead was quite interested in the inseparable connection between food and body and the matter of disconnect between mind and body. Her idea for her pieces was to create odd shapes with fabrics that people would look strangely at the likewise how the look at their own body when having a negative sense of it.


Monday, 14 September 2015

Dublin Fashion Festival

There was a good atmosphere on Dawson street on Saturday as everyone was preparing for the closing fashion show of Dublin Fashion Festival, which was due to begin at 8 o'clock that evening. I was lucky enough to be apart of that atmosphere. After running around town like a lunatic for half an hour I finally found the shop space in which everyone was preparing in. It was Bebhinn Flood of The Design House who was in charge of the show. To begin the days work I had to prepare the clothes and shoes for that nights show. Making sure all the heels and boots were the right size for each of the models, using Sellotape to remove hairs from the clothing and putting masking tape on the end of each shoe to keep them clean. The atmosphere became more exciting as the models, makeup artists and hair dressers filled the shop in preparation for that nights show. The makeup artist were from boots and No.7 while the hair dressers were from Toni & Guy. The Grafton Lounge had sponsored the event so they provided us all with sandwiches, tea & coffee to keep us going for the day.

There was 5 different concepts to the show; the seven sins, chic modern goth, office wear, boho chic and evening wear. Of all the concepts seven sins was definitely my favourite. Each model had a different coloured cape to represent a different sin. Underneath this cape was an outfit matching the colour of the cape. All the interns including myself had to dress the models for the show. When the hair dressers and makeup artists were finished getting the models ready we had a run through of dressing the models as practice for the show to make sure everything ran smoothly. Camilla, the model I dressed wore a yellow cape, which represented greed. Her matching outfit was a gold dress made from metallic thread, a gold necklace with blue studs and metallic shoes. This outfit was all provided by The Design House. The features stores from the show were as follows; Monaghans, The Design House, Monza Menswear, Dawson Boutique, Tights Dept, Designer Exchange, Coast, Oasis, Warehouse, Ruby Ruby, Sisley, Pamela Scott and last but not least Azur. The show was being held in the Royal Hibernian Way which had an open roof and as 8pm grew closer the rain began to fall. But as the saying goes, the show must go on! 

The show ran brilliantly and the invite only audience seemed to have enjoyed it despite the rain. To end the day the other interns and I had to pack away all the garments and shoes safely before heading into The Grafton Lounge for some free drink. I enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the day and I am ever so grateful to have been apart of Dublin Fashion Festival, it was a wonderful opportunity.

Friday, 11 September 2015


Hi, my name is Torey Cassidy Murdock and I'm an 18 year old fashion student. Studying fashion in college requires you to write a blog, I have decided that my blog will be about my life and experiences as a fashion student. For the next year I will be studying fashion industry practice at Sallynoggin College of Further Education.

I had my induction for college on Wednesday and came to find that my first day of college will consist of no theory whatsoever, yay! My class and I are going on a feild trip. Firstly we are headed to a fashion exhibition called Fresh Talent. It will be held in The Golden Tree in town. Later that day, we are headed to Topshop in Stephen's Green for a buying/merchandising project. I'm so excited! 

Each student in my class is required to do 10 days work experience throughout the year as part of our final grade. I have volunteered to work backstage at House of Design's fashion show this Saturday. Which will be hosted by Bébhinn Flood. 

I will be blogging about all of these upcoming events. I also intend to post regularly, at least once a week. 

I hope you enjoyed readying my first post, there is plenty more to come.

Torey x

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